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2018, October 7th

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2019, September 17th

We proudly announce our first Tour in Korea:

Oct 7th – 9th in Jinju at the 69th edition of the Gaecheon Art Festival 

Oct 10th in Gwangju Concert by invitation at the Horanggasy Creative Studio

Oct 12th in Seoul at Ghetto Alive, 7:30pm in cooperation with PAMS, Tickets reservation: (27.000 Won/Person) sowie Erwerb vor Ort (30.000 Won/Person, ab 19:00 Uhr) möglich

We are very much looking forward to meet with musicians, the organisators and promoters and with the divers audience in South-Korea. 

Thank you very much to the #GaecheonArtFestivalJinju for the invitation to Korea!

2019, August, 14th

We are going to Korea!!! Working on our first Korea-Tour in October we also looking forward to our next guest performance in Artist Homes on September 21st! Stay tuned for more details.

2019, May, 7th

We started this year in January being part of a showcase of Korean Music developments in Germany @Akademie der Künste Berlin within the percussion programme „Free International Drumming II“ with the Performance Ensemble DoodulSori and the artist collaboration InKlang.  

After presenting our artistic work in the framework of the question „Where do we go?“ we are now very much looking forward to throw this question also to the Jazz community while preparing for our next performance on the famous German Jazz stage „A-Trane“in Berlin!!! 

2018, September, 29th

We just threw our album release concert party @Werkstatt der Kulturen Berlin. For those who missed it and are members of Facebook, you can watch the whole concert here

2018, May, 26th

We are excited about being part of „The Tokyo Suite“, a German-Asian musical encounter of Stefan Schultze’s Large Ensemble, Akihito Obama, Miho Azama and us! Peter Ehwald and Ensemble Su will open this precious gem of a concert. It will take place on the 22nd of June at the UfaFabrik Berlin, 7 pm. Please do come and enjoy the diversity of music and delicious food!

2018, May 3nd

ALBUM Release of TAUCHEN via the Korean label Production Gogeum !

Finally our album is out!  And you can listen to it, you can buy it, you can stream it on the following music platforms:

Bandcamp | iMusic | Google Music |Spotify | or

Melon | Bugs! | soribada | mnet | Naver Music

Alongside the album release comes our second music video for our piece „Gut Geori“. You can watch it on YouTube or on our page.

2018, February 18th

Peter Ehwald and Ensemble Su will play in Hamburg at the opening of the „S(e)oul Food“ exhibition at the Völkerkunde Museum Hamburg on the 20th of February! Come and listen!

2018, January 15th

We wish you all a happy and successful new year! 2018 starts good and we are delighted to announce our next concert in Wuppertal on the 27th of January at Ort.

2017, December 7th

We’ve made a music video for ‚Bambi Killer‘ under the scorching July heat- just for you to enjoy during these cold winter days right now!  Check it out and soak in the memories of a hot and sweaty summer for a while. 

Watch it here.

C o n c e r t   d a t e s

2019-10-12, Ghetto_alive, 104 Wangsimni-ro, Seongsu-dong 1(il)-ga, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Südkorea

2019-10-10, Gwangju, South-Korea Horanggasy Creative Studio

2019-10-7&8&9, Gaecheon Art Festival, Jinjuseong Fortress, 626 Namgang-ro, Seongji-dong, Jinju, Gyeongsangnam-do, South-Korea

2019-09-21, Artist Homes, Hohenzollerndamm 120, 14199 Berlin

2019-06-25, A-Trane, Bleibtreustraße 1, 10625 Berlin

2019-01-12, Akademie der Künste, Pariser Platz 4, 10117 Berlin

2018-09-28, 21:00, Album Release Concert, Werkstatt der Kulturen Berlin, Wissmannstr. 28, Berlin- Neukölln

2018-06-22, 19:00, The Tokyo Suite, Internationales Kulturcentrum ufaFabrik Berlin Variéte Salon, Viktoriastrasse 10-18, 12105 Berlin

2018-02-20, 19:00, Exhibition Opening „S(e)oul Food“ @ Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg, Rothenbaumchaussee 64, 20148 Hamburg 

2018-01-27, 20:00, ort/peterkowaldgesellschaft, Luisenstr. 116, 42103 Wuppertal, Event on Facebook,

2017-12-16, 20:00, Global Music Stage, Bergmannstr. 29, 10961 Berlin, admission fee: 8€, Event on Facebook

upcoming concert on December, 16th, 2017
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About Peter Ehwald & Ensemble ~su

Peter Ehwald & Ensemble ~su create a musical environment, which oscillates between Gug-Ak (classical music from Korea), Mu-Ak (spiritual music of Korean Shamans), Jazz, Samulnori and contemporary improvised music.

These four musicians play– in the best sense of the word -with these traditional structures. Most of all, it is their unique hoheup, the simultaneous breathing, that renders their different musical backgrounds into one flow of inspiration.

At times, their music seems to be fragile, but always organic, independent and authentic.  It is music that is both visionary and funny, groovy and punky. 


SO Sol-i / Vocals & Percussion

Peter EHWALD  / Saxophone, Clarinet & Composition

KIM Bo-Sung  / Percussion & Gayageum &Vocals

SHIN Hyo Jin   / Percussion & Vocals


For the German Version click here


 TAUCHEN / DIVING / 잠수, release date: 3rd of May 2018

photo © Nicole Müller, album cover design © Production Gogeum, Gu Hyeongsu

you can listen to/ stream or buy it via:

Bandcamp | iMusic | Google Music |Spotify | or

Melon | Bugs! | soribada | mnet | Naver Music

Listen to our Album Preview:


Our latest music video for our piece „Gut Geori“:

Video & Editing by Nicole Müller, 2017

Video & Editing by Nicole Müller, 2017

Concert Video at  Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin, 2013


for further inquiries and booking requests you can contact us via: [at]