About Peter Ehwald&Ensemble ~su

Peter Ehwald&Ensemble ~su create a musical environment, which oscillates between Gug-Ak (classical music from Korea), Mu-Ak (spiritual music of Korean Shamans), Jazz, Samulnori and contemporary improvised music.

These four musicians play– in the best sense of the word -with these traditional structures. Most of all, it is their unique hoheup, the simultaneous breathing, that renders their different musical backgrounds into one flow of inspiration.

At times, their music seems to be fragile, but always organic, independent and authentic.  It is music that is both visionary and funny, groovy and punky. 


SO Sol-i / Vocals & Percussion

Peter EHWALD  / Saxophone, Clarinet & Composition

KIM Bo-Sung  / Percussion & Gayageum &Vocals

SHIN Hyo Jin   / Percussion & Vocals


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